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Friday, April 14, 2006

The Bourne Supremacy (movie)

Jason Bourne The Bourne Supremacy is a 2004 in film film based loosely on the Robert Ludlum novel with the same name. It is also a sequel to the 2002 in film film The Bourne Identity (movie). Supremacy continues the story of the amnesia and expert assassin, Jason Bourne and his attempt to learn more of his shadowy past.

Film summary

spoiler The film begins with Jason Bourne being framed for the death of two CIA operatives in Berlin, Germany when his fingerprints are found at the scene of a deal to buy classified Russian documents. Unaware of any of this, Bourne, who is still suffering from amnesia, is now living in Goa, India with Marie. Realising that he has been tracked down, he attempts to relocate himself and Marie, trying to escape from a man sent to kill him. He succeeds but Marie does not, getting shot by the chasing assassin. At the end of the first film Bourne warned of serious consequences if his former employers were to disturb him again. In Supremacy he sets out immediately to uncover the truth of why they have not left him alone, finding Pamela Landy, who was in charge of the failed Russian document operation and is now investigating Bourne himself. Bourne discovers that he was framed for the killing of the two CIA operatives, in an effort to steal documents with information on the identity of someone who embezzled millions of dollars from the US government. Bourne then pieces together clues and uses his fake identities to attempt to clear his name. In the end, he finds the true embezzlers and removes himself from suspicion by killing the last of the embezzler-assassins in a car chase. The film ends with Bourne disappearing into the New York City crowds, setting the stage for another movie: The Bourne Ultimatum.

Main cast

Jason Bourne - Matt Damon
Marie Helana Kreutz - Franka Potente
Ward acrobat distillerAbbott free adobe acrobat reader- Brian Cox
Nicky - Julia Stiles
Kirill - Karl Urban
Pamela Landy - Joan Allen
Jarda - talej62Marton Csokas
Irena Neski - Oksana Akinshina


Directed by: Paul Greengrass
Written by: Robert Ludlum
Produced by: Doug Liman
Screenplay by: Tony Gilroy
Music by: John Powell
Cinematography by: Oliver Wood
Special Effects by: acrobat downloadILM
Distributed by: Universal Pictures download adobe acrobat reader


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