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Friday, April 14, 2006

National Gallery of Art

This article is about the National Gallery of the United States, for other National Galleries, see National Gallery The National Gallery of Art is an art museum owned and managed by the government of the United States. It comprises two buildings, the East Building and the West Building, linked by an underground passage and both located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The NGA is affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution, though it is governed under a separate charter. The NGA was created by United States Congress in 1937, with funds for construction and a substantial art collection donated by Andrew W. Mellon. Samuel H. Kress contributed the museums original collection of Italy art. The original museum building, now known as the West Building, opened on March 17, 1941. Its design by architect John Russell Pope is neo-classical, with a gigantic columned portico and a massive dome reminiscent of the Pantheon, Rome (as is Popes other notable Washington creation, the Jefferson Memorial), except for the West Buildings symmetrically attached, extended wings. The design of the East Building by noted architect I.M. Pei is also geometrical, but acrobat downloadfragmented or faceted by comparison to the West Buildings cool classicism, from above, it appears as if made of interlocking diamonds. The East Building opened in 1978. The NGA also opened an adjacent sculpture garden in 1999. As a federally-owned museum, entry to both buildings of the National Gallery is free of charge. The West Building has an extensive collection of paintings and sculptures by European masters from the medieval period through the late 19th century, as well as pre-20th century works by American artists. Highlights of the collection include many paintings by Jan Vermeer, Rembrandt van Rijn, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, and the only painting by Leonardo Da Vinci within the United States. The East Building focuses on modern art and contemporary art, with a collection including works by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, and Alexander Calder. The blytheh7twEast Building also contains the main offices of the NGA and a large research facility. satellite image of adobe acrobat reader free downloadthe West and East Buildings of the National Gallery of Art, taken April braddockl58126, 2002. Please acrobat distillernote that acrobat reader downloadthe acrobat reader free downloadperspective has free adobe acrobatbeen distorted due to the imaging process.

Colleges of the University of Oxford

The University of Oxford comprises 39 Colleges and 7 religious Permanent Private Halls (PPHs), which are autonomous self-governing corporations within the university. All teaching staff and students studying for a degree of the university must belong to one of the colleges or PPHs. These colleges are not only houses of residence, but have substantial responsibility for the teaching of undergraduates. Generally tutorials (the main method of teaching in Oxford) and classes are the responsibility of colleges, while lectures, examinations, laboratories and the central library are run by the university A typical college consists of a great hall for dining, a chapel, a library, a college bar, senior, middle (postgraduate) and junior common rooms, rooms for 200-400 undergraduates as well as lodgings for the head of the college and other dons. College buildings range from the mediaeval to very modern buildings, but most are made up of interlinked quadrangles (courtyards), with one or more large wooden gates controlling entry from the outside.


The University of Oxfords collegiate system springs from the fact that the university came into existence through the gradual agglomeration of independent institutions in the city of Oxford. The first academic houses were monastic halls. Of the dozens that settled in the university during the 12th Century to 15th Century centuries, none survived the Reformation. The modern permanent private hall of Blackfriars, Oxford (1921) is a descendant of the original (1221), and is therefore sometimes described as heir to the oldest tradition of teaching in Oxford. As the University took shape, friction between the hundreds of students living where and how they pleased led to a decree that all undergraduates would have to reside in approved halls. Of the hundreds of Aularian houses that sprang up across the city, only St Edmund Hall, Oxford (c 1225) remains. What put an end to the halls was the emergence of colleges. Generously endowed and with permanent teaching staff, the colleges were originally the preserve of graduate students. However, once they began accepting fee-paying undergraduates in the 14th Century, the halls days were numbered. The oldest of Oxfords colleges are University College, Oxford, Balliol College, Oxford, and Merton College, Oxford, established between 1249 and 1264, although there is some dispute over the exact order and precisely when each began teaching. Women entered the university for the first time in 1878, becoming members of the University (and thus eligible to receive degrees) in 1920. Womens colleges before integration included Somerville College, Oxford, St. Hughs College, Oxford, adobe acrobat readerand Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. Almost all colleges are now co-educational, the only remaining women-only college being St. Hildas College, Oxford. Some colleges accept only graduate students.

List of colleges

For a list of Oxford and Cambridge sister colleges see List of Oxbridge sister colleges. For the college scarf colours see Oxbridge scarf acrobat reader downloadcolours
All Souls College, Oxford (1438) Website
Balliol College, Oxford (1263) Website
Brasenose College, Oxford (1509) Website
Christ Church, Oxford (1546) Website
Corpus Christi College, Oxford (1517) Website
Exeter College, Oxford (1314) Website
Green College, Oxford (1979) Website
Harris Manchester College, Oxford (1889) Website
Hertford College, Oxford (1740) Website
Jesus College, Oxford (1571) Website
Keble College, Oxford (1870) adobe acrobat free downloadWebsite
Kellogg College, Oxford (1990) Website
Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford (1878) Website
Linacre College, adobe acrobat downloadOxford (1962) Website
Lincoln College, Oxford (1427) Website
Magdalen College, Oxford (1458) Website
Mansfield College, Oxford (1886) Website
Merton College, Oxford (1264) Website
New College, Oxford (1379) Website
Nuffield College, Oxford (1958) Website
Oriel College, Oxford (1326) Website
Pembroke College, Oxford (1624) Website
The Queens College, Oxford (1341) Website
St Annes College, Oxford (1878) Website
St Antonys College, Oxford (1953) Website
St Catherines College, Oxford (1963) Website
St Cross College, Oxford (1965) Website
St Edmund Hall, Oxford (1957) Website
St Hildas ellisonz5emCollege, Oxford (1893) Website
St Hughs College, Oxford (1886) Website
St Johns College, Oxford (1555) Website
St Peters College, Oxford (1929) Website
Somerville College, Oxford (1879) Website
Templeton College, Oxford (1995) Website
Trinity College, Oxford (1554) Website
University College, Oxford free adobe acrobat(1249) Website
Wadham College, Oxford (1610) Website
Wolfson College, Oxford (1966) Website
Worcester College, Oxford (1714) Website

List of Permanent Private Halls

Blackfriars, Oxford (1221) gijsg96yWebsite
Campion adobe acrobat readerHall, Oxford (1896) Website
Greyfriars, Oxford (1910) Website
Regents Park College, Oxford (1927) Website
St Benets Hall, Oxford (1897) Website
St Stephens House, Oxford (1876) Website
Wycliffe Hall, Oxford (1877) Website

Fictional Colleges of Oxford

For a list of fictional colleges of Oxford University see List of fictional Oxford colleges.

Jon King (porn star)

Jon King (12 January 1963 Jacksonville, Florida - 8 March 1995 Santa Fe, New Mexico) Born John Nelson Gaines, he died of complications of AIDS at the age of 32. One of the most popular gay adult film stars of the 1980s. When asked in interviews, Jon rarely discussed his life in Florida in much detail, except that it did involve quite a bit of getting into trouble. He had been interested in pornography since finding a Playboy magazine his father owned when he was twelve years old. At some point in his teens he had read about Jack Deveau, owner of Hand In Hand Films, and sent the producer some dark and fuzzy pictures of himself. Deveau politely turned him down. Deciding that he was going places and doing things hed never done before John Gaines and his then-lover came to Los Angeles while on summer vacation in 1980, with plans to go back to school in Florida after he had finished having fun. This changed when his lover got a job and the two young men decided to stay. Eventually John picked up a guy cruising who happened to be a model who had an appointment later that day with a photographer. John tagged along to the interview, and was soon on his way as an adult film performer. His start acrobat reader downloadin adult films came with the 1981 film Brothers Should Do It, where he was billed as Jon King, the younger brother of J.W. King. Though the two strongly resembled each other, they were not related. He next appeared in Bikers Liberty, with Kristen Bjorn, Printers Devils, and These Bases Are Loaded, again with J.W. King. Later, he would complain that the man who helped him get started in the industry was a psycho who screwed him over for money. In 1982, just as he was at the seeming peak of his popularity, he stole and wrecked a car, and for this spent eleven months in prison. Jon would later prove reluctant to discuss his time in prison to interviewers, only saying that it wasnt fun, particularly since his twentieth birthday was spent behind bars. Making a comeback in 1983, Jon King continued to appear in films and videos throughout the 1980s. Among these were Big Summer Surprise, The Biggest One I Ever Saw (with Lee Ryder and Rick Donovan), Hot Off The Press, Hotel Hell, Inevitable Love, Perfect Summer, Screen Play (again with Lee Ryder), Studhunter, Trick Time (with Tim Kramer), Tyger Tales, Wild Country, and Wild Oats. One of his most memorable scenes was in a hot tub with veteran adult star Kip Noll in 1984s Kip Noll - Superstar. Around 1989 Jon retired from the business and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he attended culinary school. Apparently his dreams of becoming a chef did not work out. He made a second comeback in the early 1990s, appearing in Fade In, Fade Out, Wild Country, and adobe acrobat downloadthe sequel These Bases Are Loaded 2. His last video, Pumping Iron, came out in 1995. Jon King had been HIV positive for acrobat reader free downloada number of years and soon after completing Pumping Iron became extremely ill with AIDS. He moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to live with a friend who looked after his needs. It was here that Jon King died from AIDS complications on 8 March. He was cremated and his ashes mixed and scattered with those of his beloved dog, who had died some years earlier. Jon Kings tight, boyishly muscular body, combined with his thick black hair, deep dark eyes, and a youthful innocence and vulnerability made him very popular with most everyone who saw him. He was often described as a gentle, loving person, who sadly spent his whole life searching for a lasting happiness which he never found. When asked about his popularity, laurag23bJohn Gaines commented that being recognized and approached in public as Jon King actually made him uncomfortable, and that he had even quit going to gay bars for that reason. Its not that I dont appreciate it, he once said of the admiration he received, I just want to be myself.


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These Bases Are Loaded 2 (Catalina)
Trick Time (His)
Tyger Tales
Wide Load (LA Video)
Wild Country (Falcon)
Wild Oats (Big Ram)
William adobe acrobat free downloadHiggins Preview Tape 1

Origins Award

The Origins Awards, presented by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design, are presented at the Origins International Game Expo for outstanding work in the game industry. Awards are given for the previous year, so (for example) the 1979 awards were given at the 1980 expo. Originally, the Charles Roberts Awards were given out at the Origins Expo, in five categories: Best Professional Game, Best Amateur Game, Best Professional Magazine, Best Amateur Magazine and Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame. In adobe acrobat1978, the Expo also hosted the 1977 H. G. Wells awards free adobe acrobat readerfor Roleplaying games and Miniature wargaming. Starting with the 1987 awards, the Charles S. Roberts were once again given separately, and they have since moved away from the Origins Expo. Since the first ceremony, the game categories have widened to include Board games (Traditional, free adobe acrobatHistorical and Abstract), Card games (Traditional and Collectible card game), Miniature wargaming adobe acrobat 70(Historical, Science Fiction and Fantasy), Roleplaying games acrobat distillerand Play jeredyuofby mail games. There are additional acrobat distillercategories for Graphic Design, for game expansions and accessories, and for game-related fiction. sikyatavol7pdDuring the 1980s and 1990s awards were also given to Computer games. game-stub

USS Matanikau (CVE 101)

Laid down:
General Characteristics
Motto: USS Matanikau (CVE-101) was laid down as Dolomoi Bay under Maritime Commission contract by Kaiser Co., Inc. Vancouver, Wash., 10 March 1944, renamed Matanikau 26 April 1944, launched 22 May 1944, sponsored by Mrs. Robert A. Grant, delivered to the Navy 24 June 1944, and commissioned at Astoria, Oregon., the same day, Capt. W. L. Erdmann in command. Following the training in Puget Sound, Matanimaku steamed to San Diego 25 July. After embarking 191 military passengers and loading 56 planes, she departed 1 August on an extended shakedown and ferrying run to the South Pacific. She touched at Espiritu Santo and Finschhafen, reached Manus, Admiralties, 23 August, and, after discharging men and planes, she carried 112 sailors and 41 damaged aircraft back to the west coast, arriving San Diego 19 September. Matanikaus run to the Admiralities and back marked her closest advance to the sea war in the Pacific. On 14 October, she embarked Composite Squadron 93 and began duty as qualification carrier for naval and marine aviators. Operating along the west coast out of San Diego, she played an important, if unspectacular, role while training hundreds of pilots during the closing months of World War II. For more than 8 months she conducted flight training and qualification landings. Between January and June 1945, she qualified 1,332 aviators, and during these 6 months, pilots completed 12,762 landings on her flight deck. On 25 May alone, fighter and torpedo planes of Marine Air Groups CVS-454 and CVS-321 made 602 daylight landings. Matanikau departed San Diego 28 July and carried 65 planes and 158 troops to the Marshalls. Operating under Carrier Transport Squadron, Pacific Fleet, she reached Roi Island, Kwajalein, 10 August, then returned to Pearl Harbor the 16th. On 31 August, she sailed for the western Pacific to support occupation operations in Japan. As a unit of TF 4, she reached Ominato, Honshu, 11 September. During the next 2 weeks, she supported operations along the northern coast of Honshu, including landings by the 8th Army at Aomori 25 September. After steaming to Yokosuka, she departed Tokyo Bay 30 September, touched at Guam and Pearl Harbor, and arrived adobe acrobat free downloadSan Francisco 23 October. Assigned to Magic Carpet duty, Matanikau, between 3 and 19 November, steamed to Saipan where she embarked more than 1,000 returning veterans. Departing for the west coast the 21st, she reached San Pedro 5 December. Six days later she again sailed for the Marianas. She arrived Guam 27 December, embarked 795 troops of the US 3rd Marine Division, and departed the next day for China. Arriving Taku Forts, 3 January adobe acrobat1946, Matanikau debarked the iernem605marines who were part of an American force supporting the Chinese Nationalists in eleanor53xstheir struggle against the Communists for control of China. Matanikau sailed for the United States 9 January and entered San Diego harbor the 29th. Between 1 and 5 February, she steamed to Tacoma, Wash., where she remained during the next 8 months in an inactive status. She decommissioned 11 adobe acrobat reader free downloadOctober adobe acrobat 701946 and entered the Pacific Reserve Fleet. While berthed at Tacoma, Matanikau was reclassified CVHE-101 on 15 June acrobat distiller1955, and again reclassified AKV-36 on 7 May 1959. Ordered disposed of in March 1960, Matanikau was struck from the Navy list 1 April acrobat reader1960. She was sold to Jacq. Pierot, Jr. & Sons of New York, 27 July 1960. DANFS Casablanca-class-escort-carrier


Frankee is an United States Rhythm and blues singer. She claims to be an ex-girlfriend of singer Eamon. In 2004 she recorded the song F.U.R.B. (Fuck U Right Back). The song uses the same musical arrangement as Eamons Fuck It (I Dont Want You Back) and is an List of answer songs to his profanities. With this song Frankee reached the Number One position in the download adobe acrobat readerUK singles charts in May 2004, also the Australian ARIAnet singles chart in June 2004. buthaynaht09nWith her first album, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, she experienced some help acrobat reader free downloadby noted songwriters isabelle26gkMakeba and Andre Deyo. The production was done by The Trackmasters and grammy adobe acrobat readerwinner acrobat distillerRich acrobat readerHarrison.

The Bourne Supremacy (movie)

Jason Bourne The Bourne Supremacy is a 2004 in film film based loosely on the Robert Ludlum novel with the same name. It is also a sequel to the 2002 in film film The Bourne Identity (movie). Supremacy continues the story of the amnesia and expert assassin, Jason Bourne and his attempt to learn more of his shadowy past.

Film summary

spoiler The film begins with Jason Bourne being framed for the death of two CIA operatives in Berlin, Germany when his fingerprints are found at the scene of a deal to buy classified Russian documents. Unaware of any of this, Bourne, who is still suffering from amnesia, is now living in Goa, India with Marie. Realising that he has been tracked down, he attempts to relocate himself and Marie, trying to escape from a man sent to kill him. He succeeds but Marie does not, getting shot by the chasing assassin. At the end of the first film Bourne warned of serious consequences if his former employers were to disturb him again. In Supremacy he sets out immediately to uncover the truth of why they have not left him alone, finding Pamela Landy, who was in charge of the failed Russian document operation and is now investigating Bourne himself. Bourne discovers that he was framed for the killing of the two CIA operatives, in an effort to steal documents with information on the identity of someone who embezzled millions of dollars from the US government. Bourne then pieces together clues and uses his fake identities to attempt to clear his name. In the end, he finds the true embezzlers and removes himself from suspicion by killing the last of the embezzler-assassins in a car chase. The film ends with Bourne disappearing into the New York City crowds, setting the stage for another movie: The Bourne Ultimatum.

Main cast

Jason Bourne - Matt Damon
Marie Helana Kreutz - Franka Potente
Ward acrobat distillerAbbott free adobe acrobat reader- Brian Cox
Nicky - Julia Stiles
Kirill - Karl Urban
Pamela Landy - Joan Allen
Jarda - talej62Marton Csokas
Irena Neski - Oksana Akinshina


Directed by: Paul Greengrass
Written by: Robert Ludlum
Produced by: Doug Liman
Screenplay by: Tony Gilroy
Music by: John Powell
Cinematography by: Oliver Wood
Special Effects by: acrobat downloadILM
Distributed by: Universal Pictures download adobe acrobat reader


They should have left hawkinss5cfhim alone.
They adobe acrobat reader free downloadstole his identity. Now free adobe acrobathe wants it back.